Rising Turkish Literature about the Battles of Çanakkale (Gallipoli Campaign) to the place where it deserves by doing projects, academic activities, broadcasts, and corporate cooperations as part of the studies of the Battles of Çanakkale (Gallipoli Campaign),
Creating a brand with the accumulation and experience of the institute team in the publicity of Çanakkale, which is a milestone in terms of military and political history both in the world and in Türkiye,
Creating a production center that the public can take advantage of by releasing the studies of Çanakkale with diverse products to the public opinion,
Providing services by creating its own archive and library of information, documents, and field of study,
Creating a qualified corpus with publications belonging to the field and presenting this corpus to the scientific community,
Establishing a mutual relationship with institutions by training with the governmental institutions,
Organizing national competitions, producing, and exhibiting works of fine arts to encourage studies related to the field.